What can I expect from my new email campaign?

Email marketing, advertising, and campaigns have many benefits. See this short list:

  • With email your message arrives instantaneously
  • Email marketing and is a low cost undertaking when compared to printed or other advertising forms .
  • Readers appreciate emailed newsletters because they contain timely information (or they should…).
  • Your readers are receptive to your email messages since, assuming that you’re using a permission-based ESP (Email Service Provider), they opted-in (subscribed) to your list
  • Emails have a impact because readers skim them for details with a high degree of mental focus, leading, in turn to a high level of retention for the information provided.
  • Email is a very widely used form of communication. Over 97% of consumers and 94% of marketers in the U.S. use email daily.

Email marketing Vs. printed advertising

While regular emails are like personal letters, marketing emails are more similar to fliers, bulletins, and colorful advertisements. In order to compete in this new media, you need to have emails that match what you were doing previously on paper. You can’t exchange a colorful Non-profit organization or charity bulletin created with Publisher for a plain-text email, but you can exchange it for a colorful, graphic, high impact email.

The methodology of bulk email marketing

Using email saves you money on envelopes, postage stamps. Saves you the hassle of going to the post office and also gets better results. Additionally information reaches your targets much faster. Without lifting a phone or leaving their home or office, members on your lists can RSVP for an event or volunteer to help. Customers can buy Judaica items with the click of a mouse.

Email campaigns = Shorter delivery times at lower costs

The purpose of mass or bulk emailing from a marketing perspective is to provide groups of readers with information they’ll find useful, in exchange for gaining their consent to continue their email relationship with your organization, charity or business. The outcome of this relationship is may well be eventual sales of products/services, or in the case of organizations or charities, increased member participation and donations.

When a business or organization sends emails of worth, providing a clear value for the reader, the sender develops a good email reputation — that’s email-heaven, since readers learn to trust the sender, and his messages are perceived as being credible.

Emails similarity to other forms of advertising?

In the end it’s all about people…
Email marketing is hi-tech, but it’s still based on human relationships. When you strip away all the computer stuff, you’re left with a message created by one person, to be read by another.

Your message and how you present it, determine the responses you will receive. It is vital that you take the time to plan, prepare and write your message well. Even great writers may create several versions before getting it right. Good emails take more time to prepare but gain a bigger impact and have a higher chance of getting your readers to perform the actions you are hoping for. Careful planning keeps your emails from being D.O.A. (deleted on arrival)

How should I plan my email advertising campaigns and promotions?

Finding the exact combination of:

  • Email wording
  • Email design
  • Information provided
  • Value proposition offered
  • Sending schedules and times
  • And other factors, is the primary activity of email marketers.
  • No one gets it right the first time.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. Hundreds, if not thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and charities are involved in learning the ropes of successful email marketing – some achieve fantastic results almost immediately while others are frustrated at first but our experience is that trial and error ultimately bring wisdom with results following soon after…

Learn More?

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  1. Email Campaign Pune Says:

    As a matter of fact email campaigns are delivering highest ROI…nice post.

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